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Toby and Jodi. The friendship that inspired the story!

Everyone meet Toby and Jodi.

Now The Little Falcon is officially published, I thought I would do a blog post about the REAL Toby and Jodi (Toby likes to remind me that he is a Human, not a bird!), and why their friendship inspired the story.

Toby is almost 10 years old now (why do they grow so fast!). He suffered a hypoxic brain injury during labour, and sadly this resulted in a cerebral palsy diagnosis not long after.

Toby has spent his life so far, surprising us, bringing us joy, making us laugh and just being an absolute superstar.

Although he has a great quality of life, he is happy and accepts the things he can and can't do, I think there will still be the odd moment of sadness, when there are things he knows he may miss out on.

Which brings us to the incredible Jodi!

Jodi was matched with Toby through a group called I run 4, when he was only 2 years old. This group matches athletes with children or adults who, due to disabilities, are unable to run and race themselves.

She lives in Illinois, US, and has been in regular contact since the day they were matched, becoming one of our closest friends. She sends all the medals she wins over to Toby! And even more exciting, there is a possibility of her making her way over here to do the great north run next year, so we may finally be able to meet her in person ❤

So if you see my book online, someone mentions it, you've seen it in the book stores or if you've already purchased and read the story, you will now understand the people that inspired it. 🥰

The Little Falcon is now available to buy through this website, from Waterstones online, Foyles online store and Brown's Books.

If you would like to purchase and sell in your own store at a discounted price, please get in touch. Or it is available to order direct from the wholesaler Gardners.

I hope you are all having a great summer!


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