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Author information

My name is Tracey Horner, I live in Hebburn with my husband  and 3 sons, and most of my inspiration for writing comes from my experiences as  a parent (an endless source of ideas with 3 young children!) My oldest son,Toby, has a complex form of cerebral palsy, so I am also a parent carer and  very passionate about inclusion and disability awareness.

I have been visiting schools since October 2022 and so  far  have visited over 1500 children.

I am insured and have a DBS (I carry this with me to present  on arrival)


Published books and workshop info


The Little Falcon is a heart-warming story about kindness, friendship, inclusion  and a little bird who can’t fly. A short rhyming story for children up to age  7, inspired by my son Toby and his athlete friend Jodi from Illinois. This is a  popular choice during author visits due to the real life friendship that inspired  the characters. It is also a great  teaching tool on disability awareness as part of the PSED curriculum for KS1 and lower KS2.

The children get particularly excited when they get to see  some of the medals Jodi has sent over to Toby.


During workshops children design their own medals, and are  encouraged to think about, or write down who the medal is for and why this  person deserves the medal. Kindness and friendship are key themes during these  craft sessions.

We will also make friendship bracelets, a friendship tree  using thumb prints and there will be a crossword and colouring sheets too.

*items needed at school: scissors, glue, stapler, colouring  pens and pencils, printing of worksheets*


We are all just the same.

This is my second book, again, inspired by my son Toby. This  book focuses on disability awareness and would be perfect as part of the PSED curriculum for KS1 and lower KS2. It is a short rhyming story about Toby on his  mission to show people that, despite all the things that make us unique, we’re  not that different after all. During my visit I also provide a simple introduction  about cerebral palsy and some of the equipment children may see, using photos  of my son and illustrations from the book.


During crafts the children get a “This is me” worksheet where  they get to draw themselves. Children who are able to are also encouraged to  write on the back what makes them unique.

If time permits, we also have the option to do a friendship  tree using thumb prints, make friendship bracelets and there will be a   crossword and colouring pages too.

*items needed at school: scissors, glue, stapler, colouring  pens and pencils, printing of worksheets*


Author visit information and prices

Local author visits take place anytime between 9:30am and 2:30pm onTuesdays or Wednesdays.


FREE 30 minute Assembly -  9:30am to10am


1 hour add on workshop £75 per class, or 1 hour 30 minute workshop for 2 classes together for £120. Session times between 10am and 12pm. (times  can be adjusted slightly to accommodate children’s play time and lunch).


2 hour classroom based year group visit (up to 2 classes) £150to include presentation/reading and activities. 9:30 to 11:30am.

Full day booking between 9:30am and 2:30pm for £300. School can set their own schedule for my visit and workshops can be provided throughout the day. 


Library/community based visits – please get in touch forfurther information.


All payments must be paid in advance when booking to secure  the date.


Author visits: Author visits
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