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Not long now!

After a busy few months, I think it's time for another update!

First of all, welcome to any new subscribers. Thanks for joining me!

My journey as an author is something I do in my spare time (my "day job" is a clinical pharmacy technician for Newcastle hospitals, where I've worked for 20 years), and inspired by my love of poetry, my 3 beautiful boys, and my role as a parent carer.

It's my number 1 goal to promote kindness and inclusion, whilst also raising awareness of cerebral palsy.

I've had the most wonderful time on my author visits the last few months and had the pleasure of visiting 11 school/nursery settings, and approximately 700 children since October. I also have several lined up over March and April. It's so lovely seeing the children engage and ask questions about Toby.

My next book is slowly getting there. I'm really hoping it will be ready around June time. But I love how the illustrations have turned out, and I'm very excited! This story in particular will give me a real chance to talk to different age groups about cerebral palsy, inclusion, kindness, what makes us all unique, but also, what makes us the same as each other. Because, despite everything that makes us unique, we are all human beings with feelings and we need to accept each other for who we are.

If I am due to visit your school setting towards Easter, then I can't wait to meet you.

I will send out another update after Easter, hopefully with a book ready to go to print!

Best wishes

Tracey 😊

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